Canton Nursing & Rehabilitation Center will strive to deliver the highest quality of life, health, and rehabilitation services to our community population. We promote a compassionate, home like setting while rendering care for both our long-term population and our short-term, sub-acute rehabilitation residents. At Canton Nursing & Rehab, you will find:

Compassion… Accountability… Home…

It is the mission of Canton Nursing & Rehabilitation Center to be the best at what we do. What we do is care for human beings… RESIDENTS and EMPLOYEES. At CNRC we have:




  • Our compassion for our residents shall be unquestionable
  • Our standard of care will be higher than what is expected
  • No care decisions will be based on profit
  • We will take the time to get to know our residents
  • We will listen
  • We will care
  • We will act
  • We will always be conscious of why we are here
  • We will make a difference


  • Each of us will be held accountable to our actions and to our coworkers
  • Each of us will hold ourselves and each other to the highest of standards
  • Our treatment of our fellow employees will be courteous, graceful, and beyond reproach
  • We will always say “Please” “Thank You” “You're Welcome” and/or “My Pleasure” when dealing with each other, our residents, or our visitors.
  • We will offer our employees a voice along with a fair pay rate and education opportunities in a supportive environment
  • Grievances will be settled with dignity for all according to what is in the best interest of CNRC
  • Everyone will be heard
  • Everyone will be treated fairly
  • No one will be dismissed out of hand
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