Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How often does the Medical Director visit the facility?
A: Our Medical Director is in the building every Monday. We are working towards another member of his practice to be here every Thursday.

Q: If there is a power outage do you have a generator?
We have four portable generators, one for each hall. For 28 years we were on the same power grid as the hospital. Since the hospital has changed location we are working to get a stand by generator for the facility.

Q: What are your visiting hours?
A:We do not have any posted visiting hours. You are welcome to visit you lovd one at any time. However, if it is after 8:00 pm, the staff will need to let you in and if your loved one has a roommate, your visit will have to take place in the Dining Room or the Front Lobby.

Q: Are you able to provide one on one care?
A: Unfortunately we are not. If you desire one on one care, we can provide you with a list of Home Health Agencies that would be able to assist you with that at your or your loved one's home.

Q: If my loved one gets sick, will you send them to the hospital?
A: In all instances, sending a resident to the hospital is a last resort. It is always better for the resident to be treated in place. If it is an emergency or a life threatening situation, the resident will or will not be sent to the hospital in accordance with the resident's advance directives.

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